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Sitting in a little nook at the front of out café, Ootong To Go offers a well-edited collection of tasty goods that are ready to be devoured at the office or taken home in their ready-made packs, while the picnic style food will make those beach days, festivals and Rottnest trips even better.

Try one of our healthy breakfast options like our in-house baked brioche filled with bacon and scramble, or discover our ever-changing lunch and dinner menu and leave with containers filled with stuffed eggplant, thai red curry or moussakas. Our preservative-free offerings are made in our kitchen daily and are created with the freshest and finest produce. Our team of professionally trained chefs, who come from all over the globe, don the whites and share their favourite family recipes to make creative homemade dishes that you will be proud to serve to your family and friends. Our ready-made packs come in different sizes, so you can have a feast perfect for one, or for your whole family.

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